This medical specialty which deals with injury, deformity, and illness, especially those that affect movement.

The benefits of this practice include improvements in overall posture, balance, strength, etc.

Furthermore, this treatment is used to prevent or remedy illnesses such as arthritis, back pain and strains throughout the body.



• Back injuries
• Concussions
• Headaches
• Neck pain
• Fractures
• Motor Vehicle Accidents
• ACL Tears (most commonly injured knee ligaments
• Injuries from Slips and Falls
• Arthritis and additional sources of joint pain
• Scoliosis
•High Blood Pressure

• Customized services tailored to your needs
• Multidisciplinary practices
• Treats all mentioned skeletal, muscular and cardiovascular issues
• Promotes healthy organ function
• Increased mental clarity
• Improved bowel balance
• Heightens pain relief
• Increases mobility
• Improves joint motion
• Enhances nerve communication
• Improves posture

Contact us:

2167 Victoria Park Ave – Unit 2.
Toronto, ON
M1R 1V6
Phone: 1-855-88RLIFE (7-5433)

Hours of Operation:

Monday-Friday 9:30am-7:30pm
Saturday-Sunday 10am-3pm

Parking & Transportation:

Plenty of FREE Parking is available at the Center


Since your health and wellness is our top priority, we wish to provide your accommodation to the best we can. Our medical and wellness center is wheelchair accessible. 

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